Thursday, January 29, 2015

We've Moved (Online)! Visit our New Online Home!

We've done it - we have opened our New Web Store & Blog, and closed the old web store. The old blog is still here, but all of the old content has also been moved to the new site. Looking for something you read on the blog in the past - its still there at the new site. How is that for convenient.

We will leave the old one here for you, but when you land here click through to the new blog and update your bookmark.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NEW!! Webstore complete with growing pains

January 2015, ah a new year!  A time to rethink, a time to improve.  Well I knew it was coming but there's still much to be done and I ask for forgiveness and patience as I transition from the old webstore to the new.  Eventually I will go back and link items in my blog so if you click on the title you'll land at the new store.  But until then you will land on a page with a link to the new store but not to the specific canvas or item.

Within the new webstore each item has to be assigned a category and provided a postage rate.  No big deal there's just several hundred items, gulp.  The old webstore is going to expire February 1, something that's out of my control.  I've had terrific help getting the new store launched but there's still a learning curve for me to become comfortable with it. With being consistently busy with my brick and mortar store, mail order and online sales I had to have others with the creation of the new.  So its new for all of us!  I just ask for an enormous amount of patience and always know you can pick up the phone and call me (856) 354 8100 or email me and I can take care of your requests. When it comes to stitching we can all be pretty darn persistent getting what we want!

Below is a picture of the landing page for the new webstore.  I'm very excited about the store with all kinds of new features to help customers find just what they're looking for.  Thank you to all who supported the Nimble Needle; its you who have supported the shop in many ways over the past  39 years to bring it to where it is today.  New store address is