Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas canvases, New and "different"

Toy Shop Christmas Stocking by Rebecca Wood
 New is the stocking above by Rebecca Wood.  New for 2014 and just the epitome of a toy shop for any young boy or girl.  A great price for the season at $390.

And now on to the different, with many christmas items seeming the same I thought I'd select a few that have a different twist to them but are still festive and heart warming.  Click on each link for further details or to purchase.  All are in stock and can ship in time to arrive before the 25th.

Gingerbread Heart by Raymond Crawford
How many of us wouldn't want a gift in a robin's egg blue box?  Threads include a nice blend of heather wool, silks and sparkle to give some emphasis of the gift box.  Ooohhh the anticipation!
A gift from Tiffany & Co.

 This Santa reminds me of those roly poly toys for children that contain a bell inside.
Santa by Carol Dupres

Elegant and lovely by Joy.  Could be a nice pouf pillow, round box top or wall hanging.

Joy Juarez Circle of Joy

A bit unusual, a bit fun.  It just wants to be a very special slipper, who says all stockings have to be the same shape?  Or it could be an open stand up for cards or decoration.  No fussy shading for those who like to do continental or basket weave.
Peter Ashe Christmas slipper
Well known on the east coast and familiar in certain communities, a Moravian Star.  By Barbara Russell on 13 count, also available on 18 count with a slightly smaller overall size.
Moravian Star 13 ct

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