Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Mitten kits

Few can resist how adorable these mittens are.  Back in stock for Baby's First christmas but also for cat lovers and snowmen fan's too.  

Baby's First kit

The kitten pair includes a stitch guide.  Though I have to admit I changed some things around.  I didn't quite get the shamrock?  So instead the kit includes to gold charms to hang from the collar if you stitch over the clover.  Or if you prefer you can stitch on a tiny bell on the collar with or without the shamrock.  Festive green ribbon for the collar and white beads to add at the cuff if you wish to have them be more fancy.
Kitten Kit

 So since the kittens were special, what to do with the snowmen?  Kit includes tiny snowflake sequins by The Collection.  You can see them laid out on the mitten on the left side, how cute is this?

Snowmen mitten kit

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