Sunday, November 23, 2014

For those who like to play and manipulate

Ensemble de Soie Red

Do you like to play?  Are you fussy about how a texture is perceived or get frustrated when one element of you design doesn't read differently enough from another part such as in flower petals or the folds in a dress?  Access Commodities has put together perfect kits that allow you to change a color so it has a sheen, has a sparkle, has a glint, has a fuzziness, is smooth, smoother or smoothest such as in Silk Ovale which is a flat silk offering thee most shine from a silk thread.

Available in several palettes with more to come.  I invite you to come and play, or just to admire.

Ensemble de Soie Amethyst

Essemble de Soie Arborvitae

Ensemble de Soie Brass  SOLD

Ensemble de Soie

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