Sunday, October 5, 2014

Autumn specials

Two perfect canvases that capture each holiday of the fall season: Halloween and Thanksgiving.  And both are now ON SALE!  Vintage style Halloween postcard by Brenda Stofft now reduced to $99 from $125.

Brenda Stofft "Halloween" on 13 count

By Ewe and Eye, a painted canvas version of a sampler by Carriage House Samplers.  For American history or folk style fans.  This one could be done in tent stitches and leave the background unstitched.  Just need to hide your tails beneath stitches!  Was $135, now reduced to $112.

Ewe & Eye Plimouth Colony on 18 count

To see all canvases at reduced prices


  1. THough I'm not a big fan of 13 count, what is the overall size of the Halloween cats? IS there something you would recommend (thread-wise) for the cats?


    1. Hi, overall size is 13" w x 9 3/4" high. Threads for the cats. If you made the background highly patterned / textured / you could needle felt the cats. The cats are in the foreground so its good if they stand out, but if too heavily felted they might overwhelm the background. though the pumpkin is a pretty strong orange! Needle felting is easy if you can pull a piece of roving (like pulling a small piece of cotton candy) and stab. Start with a little roving and just keep adding more. ok, beyond needle felting. You could use Rainbow Gallery alpaca, Vineyard Merino, or better yet Vineyard Merino strand able. There's always fancy fur or peluche. Fancy fur has sparkle which IMO might be a bit much given the size of the cats. Peluche is very nappy and might be nice. Not a huge fan of silk n ivory though I have to say some of my customer yield lovely results. Silk n ivory would be great for interlocking gobelin mixing black, caviar, coffee bean. RG alpaca could also be used this way though don't have the subtly of color options. Those would be my go to choices. You could also use Appleton crewel weight wool and blend too. This would be the least expensive. On another note if you did appleton you can spiff it up a bit by overstitching a blending filament or Bijoux on top.


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