Friday, September 5, 2014

Mindy: Pattern, Color and Complexity

Mindy's are for those that love the complex, not sure how else to describe it.  I have one customer who just thrives on doing Mindy's, in basket weave.  Choosing every color in its minutia.  For others her work is divine for open stitches and beads, no problem!  Is there any place that beads and some sparkle couldn't work?

First up in Colors in Nature.  Rather fall in colors and then there's the lapis lazuli that brings a perfect balance for warm and cool colors.  9 x9,  $180.

Colors of Nature

Turkish tile, another example of a balanced scheme of warm and cool colors.  With added charms that appear like antique bells.  Would make a beautiful evening bag, or pocket on a dressy tote.  6 x 6, $122.

Turkish Tile

African floral is a bit more unusual for those who like birds, feathers and adventure!  And more subdued darker color palette.  8" x 8" $152.00
African Floral

Paris Floral is just fun and happy and a bit of curiosity too.  4" x 6" $98.
Paris Floral

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