Friday, September 26, 2014

Maggie & Co. ~ NEW !! like a mini zoo

Several New canvases by Maggie & Co.  Looking at them I didn't notice how many are animals.  Some new for 2014, Hedgehog, fishing cat, red landscape.  Make a Wish is an older but ever so sweet.  Enjoy visiting with them, for more info on each click on the caption to go to the webstore for purchase.

to view all Maggie's in stock:
Woodland Hedgehog $89.

Midnight Fishing $169.

Penguin bearing gifts $48.

Rapid Rabbit $77.

Red Landscape $122.

Make a Wish Rabbit $165.
Any canvas for sale in the webstore is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  I kit with threads upon request and have a vast selection to choose from and work with you on preferences.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Turtles part two

Beyond the whimsey of Birds of a Feather is a much more dignified rendition of box turtles by Liz Dillion.  Thoughtful and curious.  Measures 3 3/4" h x 18" hand painted on 18 count, $124.00
Happy to choose threads!  The turtles are more close in color to the top picture, the water is closer to the color in the second picture just darker.

and if your really a turtle person I have a lovely thread catcher, tail catcher, fiber hider tool.  These turtle tools are from the UK.  30., click on the link or call!
Turtle fiber tool

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Colorful Turtle by Birds of a Feather

Please don't let me grow old and become a dinosaur at the shop.  The owner has lowered my price and picked out great threads to make me the most special turtle ever.

She tried to sell me for 82. but I've been here long enough that if you decide you want the threads then I get sold for $48.00  Total kit price as shown below $105.00

Canvas is 9 x 9 on 13 count.  Stitch painted by Birds of a Feather.  Threads include High Cotton, Perle cotton, boucle, Splendor, Frosty Rays, Shaded Very Velvet, Felicity's Garden, Pepper Pot, Vineyard Silk and Vineyard Merino.  This is just a sampling of the threads you'll find here at the Nimble Needle.

New laying tools for the stitcher

I'm not one to have just one laying tool, depends on my mood, if it feels right in my hand then and there, and most important does it do the job with that given thread.  Yes I have the BLT and glass ones for sale too, but this is just about the new ones in from Rainbow Gallery.  Quite ironic that each would photograph so nicely on 4 raymond crawford canvases!  The halloween one was laying out well because its time to sell halloween.  The others are brand new, got them along with the his hotdog needle minder.  More about the canvases another time. ( but they are 49.00 each and include a marvelous guide (seen beneath the canvas) by Alison Hodgkiss).

Each laying tool has an acrylic handle and a hardwood tip.  Each made in the USA,  no two tools will be alike.

Red Harlequin 6" laying tool $52.

Purple Harlequin 6" laying tool $52.

Tourmaline Harlequin 6" laying tool $52.

Blue Harlequin 4 1/2"  laying tool $40.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Is it time to think about Halloween yet?

One of my favorite pieces for the fall complete with a lovely and thoughtful guide by Jane Wood.  Its 4 x 8 perfect for a stand up, door hanging, to be framed or as intend an insert for a Lee Needlearts bag.
Handpainted on 18 count, $99 includes the guide and canvas.

Gotta love this little mouse witch, comes with first class high end embellishments and chart. You provide the fabric and threads (or just ask to be included!)  Sold out of the Just Nan owl ornaments but have more on their way, Percy and Ollie for those seeking them out.  All charts with embellishments are 14. charted for DMC but ripe for glow in the dark threads, mohair or over dyed silks.

Yes get a copy here.  2014 Halloween issue. Great reference for all size projects for linen, aida, canvas or congress cloth. $10.

Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2014

Part of her alphabet series a nice kit for those who like a refined look but also get a kick out of Halloween too.  Kit includes linen, threads and beads.  Things stitched by the Sweetheart Tree are just lovely and defy the look of average cross stitch.  Kit $16. sale price!

"W" is for Witch by Sweetheart Tree

For the fun and for the color a decorated archway by Raymond Crawford.

Halloween Arch

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mindy: Pattern, Color and Complexity

Mindy's are for those that love the complex, not sure how else to describe it.  I have one customer who just thrives on doing Mindy's, in basket weave.  Choosing every color in its minutia.  For others her work is divine for open stitches and beads, no problem!  Is there any place that beads and some sparkle couldn't work?

First up in Colors in Nature.  Rather fall in colors and then there's the lapis lazuli that brings a perfect balance for warm and cool colors.  9 x9,  $180.

Colors of Nature

Turkish tile, another example of a balanced scheme of warm and cool colors.  With added charms that appear like antique bells.  Would make a beautiful evening bag, or pocket on a dressy tote.  6 x 6, $122.

Turkish Tile

African floral is a bit more unusual for those who like birds, feathers and adventure!  And more subdued darker color palette.  8" x 8" $152.00
African Floral

Paris Floral is just fun and happy and a bit of curiosity too.  4" x 6" $98.
Paris Floral

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Is it Sweater Weather yet?

From Stitch-Its 13 count stitch painted and quick to work up.  Canvases are 38, like a kit?  Let me know and I can put one together for you. Each is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" so they are perfect for ornaments. I had one customer have hers finished and then placed in a shadow box frame.




Volley ball
Christmas Reindeer


Union Jack