Sunday, August 17, 2014

Needlepoint inspired by Deruta ceramics

Dish with a portrait of Orsella, Italy (Deruta) c. 1500-1510

Today I spent some time at the Philadelphia Art Museum, other than to see their expansion plan by Frank Gehry we had no real agenda other than to wander.  I saw some ceramic pieces attributed to Deruta Italy and it reminded me of these two painted canvases by Creative Needle. Each are 11" x 11" on 18 count canvas priced at 124.

Creative Needle Italian Woman
Creative Needle Italian Gentleman
I find when pieces have a piece of history or artistic significance it only enhances the piece and informs the stitcher and ultimately the recipient of the stitched work.  It can reinforce a preferred era of history or style as well as peak our curiosity to learn more.

By rotating the picture you can see Orsella B, otherwise lost in the glare of the picture above.

For information about the ambitious Philadelphia Art Mueum expansion take a look here.

For other pieces by Creative Needle go to  For their complete line see Happy to order any piece you might see.

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