Monday, August 18, 2014

New Pets by Paper Russells

Who doesn't love their pet?  Paper Russells, a successful commercial artist, has a fun and appealing collection of animals with Dale Lenci from DJ Designs.  Here are a few ready to ship. Need threads?  Just let me know your preferences and I can put together a kit for you.

Scotties gift to you.  $84.00 9"' x 9" on 16 count

Golden Tortoiseshell Cat $84.00 9" x 9" on 16 count!

Handsome Pug Dog 9"  x 9" on 16 count $84.00

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Needlepoint inspired by Deruta ceramics

Dish with a portrait of Orsella, Italy (Deruta) c. 1500-1510

Today I spent some time at the Philadelphia Art Museum, other than to see their expansion plan by Frank Gehry we had no real agenda other than to wander.  I saw some ceramic pieces attributed to Deruta Italy and it reminded me of these two painted canvases by Creative Needle. Each are 11" x 11" on 18 count canvas priced at 124.

Creative Needle Italian Woman
Creative Needle Italian Gentleman
I find when pieces have a piece of history or artistic significance it only enhances the piece and informs the stitcher and ultimately the recipient of the stitched work.  It can reinforce a preferred era of history or style as well as peak our curiosity to learn more.

By rotating the picture you can see Orsella B, otherwise lost in the glare of the picture above.

For information about the ambitious Philadelphia Art Mueum expansion take a look here.

For other pieces by Creative Needle go to  For their complete line see Happy to order any piece you might see.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The Evertite stock has been replenished, now up 29" in stock.  For those who don't know Evertites or wonder why some swear by them the secret is in the picture below.  When your canvas gets saggy you take your T tool and with a simple adjustment Voila your piece is tight again.  I like it because when you mount a piece you make it as taunt as possible, but then with a tiny adjustment you can make it of so taunt, tighter than you could by hand in most cases.

For those who don't like to eyeball it, there's a mark indicating the center of each bar so you know where to put your first tack or staple.

And now the fine folks at Evertite are making FLAT head Primo tacks.  Before the Promo's were always domed and many like the Grande tacks or small brass tacks since these were flat, but Evertite caught on and now offer flat tops too.  I think they are a bit less expensive than the Grande's too, similar in price but you get a whole lot more.  $5.00 for 65 tacks, made in Germany.

(lots of college mini socks by Kathy Schenkel since were at that time of kids returning to school.  Johns Hopkins here where my daughter will be a freshman).

If your going to have Evertites you need to have the "T" tool to the "L".  The T tool is 6.50 and hard to loose with the yellow handle plus it has a bit of heft to it.  The L tool is much smaller ($3.50) , a nice option if you have a small tool pouch to take on the go. Also shown are the dock magnets.  Singles ($8) and Doubles ($12). Picture at the bottom shows how the block hangs over your Evertite frame and is great for keeping needles etc handy including an L tool.  The scissors below are some of my favorites from Access Commodities, inexpensive, pointy and sharp; and easy to justify having several pair.  I do have one pair of the Slice tweezers  ($20.) with more on the way.  These are terrific, super pointy, fat and grippy so their so easy to hold. and can't spin or twist in your grip.

This is a single dock.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vineyard Strandable Merino Wool, ie Merino petite

Vineyard Merino Strandable (or as I like to think of it, Merino petite). According to the information Vineyard will begin shipping mid- to end of September. It will be available in all 230 colors, and the price for 18 yards will be, depending on the shop, around 4.50 a skein for 18 yards. BUT its 18 yards of 6 ply strands so its a lot of usable fiber in a skein if you were to compare this to Burmilana or Impressions. How thick is it? The first picture below is sort of how it looks once the skein is cut open. Second picture is showing a single ply. Third picture is a side by side comparison: Beginning with one ply of the merino petite just below the yellow hang tag. Immediately below this is a single ply of Burmilana, its pretty darn close IMO. third fiber down is a single ply of Gloriana Lorikeet and the one at the bottom is DMC Floche. I think its fairly equal to each of these. Yes the Lorikeet is fluffier but stitched with some slight tension its going to compress a tad. Its all pretty exciting to have a new kind of fiber!  Next I'd like to do a comparison to the old Medici, I think its going to be very similar.

Hey who moved the party?  

Yes, I haven't been posting recently on my blog here.  While I've always appreciated everyone of you who stops by to visit I've also been a bit jealous knowing how much activity happens on Facebook.  Its simply reality at the moment that Facebook seems to be the hub. So in hopes to reach more stitchers I started a Facebook page for the shop and here's where I've been lately.  I'll still post here, things that require more "space".   But on a day to day I'll be over there, its easier to leave comments and has a more feeling of community.  See you around!