Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Stuff

Check out some new items for the shop...

Melissa Shirely stand-up packages.  18 count $68.  Have these 2 in stock with a few others on backorder.  I like these as they can certainly be stitched up with fun threads and stitches but for those that prefer the plain I think they will work up easily as beautifully in basket weave with the right mix of silk and sparkle threads.
Melissa Shirley package with holly

Melissa Shirley package with poinsettia's

I've had the canvas in stock and now have the much requested Stitch Guide too.  Guide is 38.00, click on the link to purchase canvas separately.

October Basket Stitch Guide
New for 2014 Halloween season, a Halloween Topiary by Melissa Shirley.  Call for info, ready to ship!

Melissa Shirley Halloween Topiary

What's not to love about a witch that likes a good book?  Shoes off, and the company of a loving cat. From Liz Dillon better known as Tapestry Tent.  18 count $174.
Liz Dillion BookWorm Witch

 Creative Pears, and a dozen of them at that.  A gorgeous collection with distinct variety between each pear.  Guide by (the late) Wendy Harwood.  $42.00 for the guide.

 I always liked this charming canvas by Labors of Love.  An ornament?  A stand up? a needle book? lots of finishing options.  18 count $49.00

Limited Edition Pastoral kit by Elizabeth Bradley.  $225.00 10 count canvas, worked in cross stitch.  Reminiscent of a more gentle time.  Rich muted color palette.  Printed canvas complete with chart and all materials needed.  16" x 16".

This was a special request for customer but what fun choosing lush beach colors, new for Melissa Shirley 2014.

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