Monday, June 2, 2014

Mostly work and little play

As much as I like writing about something new or inspirational for a blog post there are times when there just is less time.  Here's a quick snapshot of what goes on when the shop is closed, or as some like to refer to as my day off.

 Choose threads for Barbara Elmores 2014 Gypsy Moth.  I select threads for many canvases for this long distant customer.
Barbara Elmores 2014 Gypsy Moth
 Chart and paint Hebrew name on Tallit bag.  I just love the olives and turquoise combination.
Canvas by Tonya.

 Items left this week to be sent out for finishing.
Red vase, Birds of a Feather.  Camel sweater, custom by Stitch-its, ornament Associated Talents, Heart box Sharon G, Garden Gnome by Cats Cradle
Canvas to go out for custom name and date

Squishy by Susan Roberts
I really really really want to stitch a bit later today, one can always hope.  There's just nothing like it.
Happy Stitching everyone!!  Do what makes you happy and provides some pleasure and or meaning. (Its not a competition or a race).

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