Saturday, June 21, 2014

Customers work

Several new items have come in this week from the finishers.  Enjoy!

Mindy Canvas stitched by Ellie

Sunflower Detail by Elements/Dream House Ventures stitched by Joanne
Corner detail of the pillow

Marley's Ghost Labors of Love Stitched by Colette

Tiny Tim Labors of Love stitched by Colette

Kathy Schenkel mini sock Stitched by Ruth

Kathy Schenkel initials stitched by Kathy

Kelly Clark gift box Stitched by Kathy

Kelly Clark Gift Box Stitched by Kathy

Rebecca Wood Door Stitched by Kathy

Kathy Schenkel mini sock Stitched by Dottie
Kathy Schenkel initial star Stitched by Kathy

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