Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And more new…..

This time I have links with each new canvas, click on caption if there's one you'd like to purchase or for more info.

New from Zecca for 2014:

Fun Fish on 18 by Zecca

Love is How, is a multiple piece canvas.  Stitch the wings separately and then have some fun.  Karen from Zecca is stitching this piece and plans to attach each wing to either side of the yellow border.  I could also see them sewn together like wings and attached on top of the small heart.  Either way I think its a beautiful saying and one many of us can strive for.

Love is How by Zecca

wing detail from Love is How 

this picture gives you a sense of the size of the wings in relationship to the other part.  All 3 pieces are painted on one piece of canvas.
Love is How, as it comes. By Zecca 2014

Too serious and looking for something more lighthearted?  Here's  fun one of gay Paris.  There's also a companion piece of St. Tropez (will post picture).  Both by Sally Corey.

Tour de Eiffel, by Sally Corey

Also new for 2014 is Sally Corey's ikat floral.  Lovely fresh colors, Sally has a unique palette that many of her pieces are created from.

Ikat Floral, by Sally Corey

Hollyhocks by Julie Mar.  9 x 9 on 13.  Bold colors!

Julie Mar Hollyhocks

From The Collection, sophisticated ornaments in the infamous british plaid.  They finish up so they can sit on a shelf, or hang on a tree.

mini golf bag, Pink Plaid kit

mini golf bag, Burberry plaid kit

Argyle mini golf bag, available for order

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