Saturday, May 3, 2014

Peep Show, Now in Six Colors!

I'm so lucky to have Gail Hendrix as a friend and needlepoint ally; I mention it and voila the Peeps were hatched.  Click on the link to pre-order yours.  Gail's old school, she gets an order and paints things pronto so I feel pretty confident that from date of order to arriving in your mail box should only be 3 weeks or so. Unless that is the demand exceeds our wildest expectations.  Gauranteed to bring a smile.  Did you know there is such a thing as a peep-a-holic?  As a shop owner I learn all sorts of new terms by my faithful customers.  Thanks Ann ; )
Peep canvas on 13 count with threads $78.

Yellow classic Peeps Canvas $49.
Pink Peeps  Canvas $49.

I've always been fond of Peeps since I was a little girl. Every easter my sisters and I were treated to Easter baskets with our annual chocolate canoe holding 3 peeps from our neighborhood candy shop  My sister Donna and I always let our peeps ripen a month or so until they were good and stale.  

New colors now available!!
And Now Available in Blue and Orange Too!


  1. I thought I was alone in loving stale peeps. I don't feel as strange now. Thank you very much!!! The day after Easter each year, I buy peeps at a discount, poke a couple of holes in the packages and store them in the pantry until next year. They are then the most crunchy-chewy wonderful thing in the world. YUMMO

    1. TMI? I don't think they get stale like they used to, I attribute it to more preservatives. Or maybe I'm getting old and losing my patience. Eating a fresh peep to me almost feels like I'm wasting it. Can they ever get too stale? Thats for sharing your candidness.

  2. I am not wild about Peeps' taste but I have plenty of friends who adore them once they get old. Fresh, they are the cutest things on earth. Just don't eat them!


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