Monday, May 19, 2014

Even more Customer's Finished items

Never fails, I post new things and then voila more finished pieces come in too good not to share!  And it adds a bit of variety too.  Two of them were sent to me by my long distance community of stitchers.

Ellen and her family are ice hockey fanatics, Flyers in to be specific. Her son plans to hang this in his office using a shortened hockey stick as a dowel.
Canvas by Rebecca Wood, stitched by Ellen S.

Banner Back

Canvas by Alice Peterson, stitched by Rene G.

A recent sampling of some finished needlepoint pieces.  Its a good representation of stitchers at different levels, with different goals and reasons for stitching.  I wonder if social media has made stitchers form groups and we've lost awareness of other's achievements and all the reasons we love to have a threaded needle in hand.  For some its about the latest canvas, the hot designer or stitch guide.  For others its about the color, the subject matter, the challenge, to make as a gift or just something to do when watching tv.  Some worry about their "backs" and others don't.  Others worry about an error and have to make it perfect in their eyes.  I think its important to do what makes you happy and feel good about the accomplishment and perfect in your own eyes.

Kelly Clark pear stitched by Miriam D.

Kelly Clark pear stitched by Miriam D.

Julie Mar canvas stitched by Joanne M.

Canvas by Leigh, stitched by Carol B.

Jodi's own design, stitched by Jodi S.

Canvas by Sandra Gilmore, stitched by Colette R.

Canvas by Labors of Love, stitched by Colette R.

Canvas by Lani, stitched by Marlene S.

THANK YOU TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS and fine Finishers too!

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