Monday, May 12, 2014

can never have just one…...

My apologies to non peep lovers but we're still in that stage of stuffing our face with peeps and the sugary sweetness hasn't quite caught up with us yet.  More thread kits available for some of the new colors.  Click on the link to pre-order.  I do have one each (except the yellow) available for immediate shipment.  Call or email if interested.  Canvas is 49. with threads is 76.00.  Threads included as shown.  Takes a 7" and 11" stretchers, need those?  let me know!

Pink Peeps and Pink Peeps with Threads

Purple Peeps and Purple Peeps with Threads Purple SOLD, more coming

Green Peeps and Green Peeps with Threads

Original Yellow Peeps and Yellow Peeps with Threads

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