Sunday, May 25, 2014

BB Needlepoint Trunk Show 20% Off

A few weeks remain for the BB Needlepoint trunk show featuring the art and stitching of Sally Baer from the coast of Massachusets.  Several of her pieces have 15. stitch guides available and the guides have all been stitched.  While having a few fun and geometric pieces I'd sum Sally up by saying she's a nature girl.  You will see many featuring sea life, flowers, fruits and vegetables.
You can view her whole line at, and a good majority are available for immediate shipping by visiting my online store
Twin Fish by Bonnie $118.00

Stilt Houses $70. (stitch guide available)
Not often do you see eggplant, asparagus, blueberries and wild strawberries depicted in needlepoint!
Home grown vegetables and fruits $90.00
or even grape hyacinths.  Its nice to be reminded of the little things in life.
Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths $95.00

Cosmos & Hydrangea $95.00

Artichokes $95.00

Birds in the Round $90.00
One of the few on 13 count, makes for a fun quick stitch project.
Crab with Border on 13 count $70.00 Stitch Guide available

One of favorite with soft colors and a quiet feeling of a delicate stillness.
Pear Still Life $59.00

Canvases are available at 20% off through June 9th.  While canvases are all in stock, stitch guides come via mail upon request and take about 3 days to receive.  Thank you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Even more Customer's Finished items

Never fails, I post new things and then voila more finished pieces come in too good not to share!  And it adds a bit of variety too.  Two of them were sent to me by my long distance community of stitchers.

Ellen and her family are ice hockey fanatics, Flyers in to be specific. Her son plans to hang this in his office using a shortened hockey stick as a dowel.
Canvas by Rebecca Wood, stitched by Ellen S.

Banner Back

Canvas by Alice Peterson, stitched by Rene G.

A recent sampling of some finished needlepoint pieces.  Its a good representation of stitchers at different levels, with different goals and reasons for stitching.  I wonder if social media has made stitchers form groups and we've lost awareness of other's achievements and all the reasons we love to have a threaded needle in hand.  For some its about the latest canvas, the hot designer or stitch guide.  For others its about the color, the subject matter, the challenge, to make as a gift or just something to do when watching tv.  Some worry about their "backs" and others don't.  Others worry about an error and have to make it perfect in their eyes.  I think its important to do what makes you happy and feel good about the accomplishment and perfect in your own eyes.

Kelly Clark pear stitched by Miriam D.

Kelly Clark pear stitched by Miriam D.

Julie Mar canvas stitched by Joanne M.

Canvas by Leigh, stitched by Carol B.

Jodi's own design, stitched by Jodi S.

Canvas by Sandra Gilmore, stitched by Colette R.

Canvas by Labors of Love, stitched by Colette R.

Canvas by Lani, stitched by Marlene S.

THANK YOU TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS and fine Finishers too!

Monday, May 12, 2014

can never have just one…...

My apologies to non peep lovers but we're still in that stage of stuffing our face with peeps and the sugary sweetness hasn't quite caught up with us yet.  More thread kits available for some of the new colors.  Click on the link to pre-order.  I do have one each (except the yellow) available for immediate shipment.  Call or email if interested.  Canvas is 49. with threads is 76.00.  Threads included as shown.  Takes a 7" and 11" stretchers, need those?  let me know!

Pink Peeps and Pink Peeps with Threads

Purple Peeps and Purple Peeps with Threads Purple SOLD, more coming

Green Peeps and Green Peeps with Threads

Original Yellow Peeps and Yellow Peeps with Threads

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Peep Show, Now in Six Colors!

I'm so lucky to have Gail Hendrix as a friend and needlepoint ally; I mention it and voila the Peeps were hatched.  Click on the link to pre-order yours.  Gail's old school, she gets an order and paints things pronto so I feel pretty confident that from date of order to arriving in your mail box should only be 3 weeks or so. Unless that is the demand exceeds our wildest expectations.  Gauranteed to bring a smile.  Did you know there is such a thing as a peep-a-holic?  As a shop owner I learn all sorts of new terms by my faithful customers.  Thanks Ann ; )
Peep canvas on 13 count with threads $78.

Yellow classic Peeps Canvas $49.
Pink Peeps  Canvas $49.

I've always been fond of Peeps since I was a little girl. Every easter my sisters and I were treated to Easter baskets with our annual chocolate canoe holding 3 peeps from our neighborhood candy shop  My sister Donna and I always let our peeps ripen a month or so until they were good and stale.  

New colors now available!!
And Now Available in Blue and Orange Too!