Monday, April 28, 2014

New by Creative Needle

Its been too long since I last received new canvases by Creative Needle.  Her designs are slightly different than average, some have more unusual color combinations such as the floral below.  She also has fine quality pre-finished jewelry cases.  5" in diameter makes them quite usable even for things other than jewelry.  
Creative Needle Floral Round $112.

I like the reference to Italian pottery and can see these hanging in a kitchen for someone who collects Deruta or Italian Majolica pottery; or for someone who loves an Italian touch for their kitchen.
Creative Needle Portrait of a Women $124.

Creative Needle Portrait of a Man $124.

Here's a close up of the jewelry case lids.  Notice the edges are served each comes with a layer of batting and a self covered rigid round lining to slip stitch in place when stitching is complete.  The inside is lined in moire as well, no unfinished seams or selvage.  I also appreciate there is no glue used here.  There are the self finished jewelry boxes out there but the glue used to put them together discolors over time and eventually will dry out.  These cases by Creative Needle are heirloom quality.
Creative Needle soft Jewel Case Detail

Creative Needle Ribbons soft Jewel Box with threads

Creative Needle Black Floral soft Jewel Box SOLD

Creative Needle Crimson Monogram soft Jewel Case with threads
For those thinking of Christmas she has several nutcrackers.  I like the holly outlining on these by Creative Needle.
Nutcracker Ornament 
Nutcracker with Drum
Cross by Creative Needle

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