Monday, April 28, 2014

New by Creative Needle

Its been too long since I last received new canvases by Creative Needle.  Her designs are slightly different than average, some have more unusual color combinations such as the floral below.  She also has fine quality pre-finished jewelry cases.  5" in diameter makes them quite usable even for things other than jewelry.  
Creative Needle Floral Round $112.

I like the reference to Italian pottery and can see these hanging in a kitchen for someone who collects Deruta or Italian Majolica pottery; or for someone who loves an Italian touch for their kitchen.
Creative Needle Portrait of a Women $124.

Creative Needle Portrait of a Man $124.

Here's a close up of the jewelry case lids.  Notice the edges are served each comes with a layer of batting and a self covered rigid round lining to slip stitch in place when stitching is complete.  The inside is lined in moire as well, no unfinished seams or selvage.  I also appreciate there is no glue used here.  There are the self finished jewelry boxes out there but the glue used to put them together discolors over time and eventually will dry out.  These cases by Creative Needle are heirloom quality.
Creative Needle soft Jewel Case Detail

Creative Needle Ribbons soft Jewel Box with threads

Creative Needle Black Floral soft Jewel Box SOLD

Creative Needle Crimson Monogram soft Jewel Case with threads
For those thinking of Christmas she has several nutcrackers.  I like the holly outlining on these by Creative Needle.
Nutcracker Ornament 
Nutcracker with Drum
Cross by Creative Needle

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunnies Rabbits and Hares

I just love this guys face, makes me smile.  I feel like I could talk to him, in the way we talk to our pets.  So expressive with his lips all twitchy; very painterly, very sort of in your face.  Sure to get noticed where ever he is.
Rabbit on Ochre by Elizabeth Turner 13 x 13 on 13 count $189. SOLD

Something new, something clever by Deux Bijoux Bijoux.  Its one of Lisa's happy Gourds.  Yup, this rabbits head is a gourd and still has the seeds inside to prove it.  Head sits on a wooden dowl on top of an overgrown wood spool so to speak.  The spool body gets its very owned stitched outfit, (this is where the needlepoint comes in).  Canvas is 18 count and includes a piece for the top of the body prior to attaching his head.  Hand made painted arms get attached during the finishing.  Includes instructions for those wishing to finish it themselves.

One classic looking bunny by Gayla.  Stitch painted and reminiscent of an earlier time.
Spring Bunny Rabbit by Gayla on 13 count

New stand up bunny from Melissa Shirley, happy and nice to experiment with different techniques.
Spring patterned Bunny Rabbit by Melissa Shirley
For more Melissa Shirley canvases ready to ship: Take a peek!

A beanbag bunny by Dragontales.  Ears get attached separately, nose gets pinched together to give it some shape.  Very cute and guaranteed to not look so much like road kill when finished.
Bunny Rabbit bean bag
Embroidery is getting more and more attention these days.  Crewel is embroidery using wool thread.  Did you know you can do lots of embroidery stitches on needlepoint canvases?  Here's a great way to learn or brush up on your long and short technique.
Rabbits!  Crewel kit by Phillipa Turnbull Crewel Work Co.

Happy Easter!! Egg canvas by Mary Lake Thompson for Melissa Shirley

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Labors of Love Young Victoria and how to make corn

Yesterday was one of those days that felt like Christmas at the shop with the arrival of Labors of Love Limited Edition Young (Queen) Victoria.  At the winter market I felt fortunate enough to attain the 10th and final edition of the canvas that includes the hand sculpted and painted features along with the hand made straw hat from an antique hat and, the very very special purse crafted from an antique petite point purse.  It so rich in texture with the natural surroundings, lush day dress, Dash's fur and the iron arbor.  I can just see the wisteria stitched with a variety of different white beads.
this is just a picture of a picture, colors are much lovelier in person SOLD

The canvas measures 9" x 13" hand painted on 18 count canvas.  (Yes I noticed too that muzzle was spelled in correctly!)

I enjoyed reading up a bit on just who Victoria was, as I'm not an anglophile.  Queen Elizabeth II is her great-great grand daughter. The Victoria and Albert Museum is named after Victoria and her husband Albert.  I also googled Worth dress since i wasn't familiar with the term, OMG google this under images and the gowns are simply spectacular. Stitching in the correct scale Young Victoria's gown could be an exploration of texture and embellishment in and of itself.

See Victoria in our web store. Sold, thank you Elizabeth.

While on the subject of royalty new in is this kit from Finger Step Designs "Imperial Fan".  Design is stitched on 18 count canvas using Gumnut Silk Perle.  The shading in their threads is like none other.  Though it calls for white canvas I'm happy to kit in sage green or pale blue mono canvas.
 Imperial Fan Kit, counted canvas work
Imperial Fan SOLD

Example of the stitch guide for Imperial Fan

Now for a more humble topic like corn on the cob.  Miriam began her Bountiful Pig by Melissa Shirley.  She saw the technique of inserting into Flair a drinking straw loaded with beads.  After our "consult" we decided to forego the straw.  Beads are by Sundance and Mill Hill.  Yes its stupendous but pretty much everything Miriam stitches just is.  The husks are silk ribbon, I'm just waiting for Miriam to declare she's really in sync with silk ribbon and its not her nemesis any longer.  I love silk ribbon and its always rewarding to see another stitcher add it to one of their top ten fibers of choice.

 Just in from the finisher, lovely egg stitched by Colette.  Colors are pretty true except the silk, its a lovely pale turquoise that leans towards the greens.  The white ribbon is edged in a pretty yellow picot (?) not sure if that's the proper term for the edging, but its an all around pretty egg.
Mary Lake Thompson Egg stitched by Colette R