Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who's your Angel?

Below is an example of a beautiful heirloom for anyone's littlest angel.  This one was stitched by Barbara R. and is approximately 4" square.  While this can be ordered currently in stock are slightly smaller versions for boys and girls.  I like the smaller size for little hands, to encourage them to hold, to touch, to make music and learn about something special from someone who loves them very much.

Baby Boy sampler block

Baby Girl sampler block
 Painted Pony angels, and there's so many choices.  These have been seen on Needlepoint Nation and stitched by the remarkably talented Miriam.  Each one is amazing and beautiful and stitched in a wink.

Of course all of the above are available for order, below are ones currently in stock.
Painted Pony Lion and the Lamb $62.
Painted Pony Dr. Angel $52.

Painted Pony Angel of Australia $64.

Painted Pony Angel of Germany 68.00

Painted Pony mini angel 42.00
And lastly a few more angels…..
Terra Cotta angel relic $69. on 13
Melissa Shirley Angel Stocking
Angel Brick Cover $96.

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