Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whats the latest…

Customers will ask what's come in that's new?  Here's a peak, there's always something and if you don't see it please ask!  There's quite the inventory of canvases at the shop.  Until I get a chance to get them up online for sale please contact me if your interested. shop # 856 354 8100.  Big Buddy needle minders are $20, New book by Carole Lake and Michael Boren $36.  What's been replenished?  Silk complexion kits by Access Commodities, books by June McKnight, Nimble Needle thread cards and System 4 standard floor stands.  And expecting a new assortment of bags, caddy's and totes by Atenti!

Birds of a Feather Savannah Lion $143.
Birds of a Feather Applique

Birds of a Feather Bohemian Paisley

Alice Peterson striped Dinosaur
Peter Ashe Sheep

Stitch-Its UK sweater ornament on 13

Stitch its Soccer sweater ornament on 13

Alice Peterson Girl Monkey

5" x 5" Princeton College $42.00
5" x 5" OSU college $42.00
Peter Ashe Victorian House

Stitch n Zip cosmetic cases with floss are $21., eyeglass and coin purses $16.  Also have blank cosmetic and eyeglass cases for those who want to have some fun and do their own thing.  Very popular these are!  All with black velvet backs, a few dollars less than the kitted ones.  Stitch n Zips are perfect take along projects and make affordable gifts. See them all in our Web Store.

New Big Buddies, $20. each.  Sorry for the blurry images.  For others by Elizabeth Turner view our Web Store.

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