Sunday, March 30, 2014

There's always something new

Thrilled to receive in Melissa Shirley's Winter Table canvas and Guide.  Guide is written by Melissa Shirley and if you haven't taken a class with Melissa or seen one of her guides they are fun, different and easy to read.  Melissa has wonderful techniques that are playful and give interesting results without be overly complicated and requiring additional counting or compensating.

Melissa Shirley's Winter Table canvas and guide

Melissa Shirley's Winter table and stitch guide, 13 count
Cute seasonal birdhouses, can be framed or finished dimensional and hung on your wall.  Lovely colors and just the right amount of opportunity to try out some new stitches or techniques.  Both on 18 count.
Bird House, Canary
Bird House, blue bird
For the cat lover one of several cat shaped stand ups by Melissa and the Cat in a Cat piece with stitch guide by Patt and Lee.  Guide is filled with all kinds of stitching and useful if you want to use up some of your stash.

Melissa Shirley Cat with Birds

Cat within Cat silhouette by Patt & Lee with Stitch Guide

 Cat within Cat Silhouette by Patt and Lee Designs
Cat with Cat Silhouette Patt and Lee Designs
For the traditional, Susan Robets recently introduced her 3D tree collection.  While the stitch guide picture shows red tree's the ones available are green (red can be ordered).  They're available in 5, 7 and 9" heights with the one featured being 9".  Amazing guide, terrific diagrams and I think will appeal more to those who enjoy counted work.  Guide is extensive and includes instructions for stitching each 8 sides differently.  Not up on the website yet please call or email if interested.

Susan Roberts 9" 3D Tree $122. included stitch guide and line drawn canvases

Don't be fooled!  tree is 9" high.

For proud alumnae:
Princeton 5" square

OSU 5" square
For those with a dry sense of humor gotta love this one.  Its the opitome of opposites from the motivational posters hung in office common spaces.
Gail Hendrix, 13 count $64.
And more ways to mind your needles.
Green Big Buddie Fleur de Lis

Bead Buddie, magnetic case with lid and tacky insert!

Big Needle Buddie Bat
View all Needle Buddies here:

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