Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Stitch Guides, new canvases, new tools always something new

Japanese Tea House by Leigh, made special with stitch guide by Jane Wood (thee Jane of Chilly Hollow).  Piece is 8 1/2" x 4" full of delicacy, attention to detail, technique and color.  Having a guide by Jane is like having Jane by your side leading you step by step.  A lot too read, a lot of clarity appropriate for the advanced beginner with some determination to the most experienced.  I'm in the process of getting a thread kit together.  Pardon me if it sounds like a cliche but stitching something by Jane is like owning a piece of fine art.

Japanese Tea House Canvas by Leigh Designs Stitch guide by Jane Wood

Stitch Guide for Japanese Tea House 

Colorful fan by Sophia, what a great opportunity for textures with sky, clouds, paper and wood.

Fan by Sophia
Ling Ling by Leigh

A nice botanical by C Leong for Julia's Needleworks.  I see layering of stitches for the branch, silk for the leaves and all the attention on the hibiscus with silk ribbons, beads or sparkling metallics.  Open stitch for the quiet background (which is more sage than grey).
Hibiscus by C Leong for Julia's

A classic white hydrangea, perfect for silk ribbon or simply done in Silk n Ivory.  With the right thread for coverage it would be striking with a navy or black background.

White Hydrangea on 13

A project than can be completed in one sitting and its useful too.  Don't scoff at who can be bothered sharpening their needles.  Think of it as cleaning them, remember we couldn't do what we love without a needle; don't they to deserve a little TLC?
Rococo Strawberry Emery Kit

Rococo Emery Kit

Thrilled to have these back in stock so quickly.  Customer's love them for the hard to tame threads such as those from Renaissance, I like them for keeping my nice silks such as Gloriana 12 ply, Gumnut Stars, and Pepper Pot in nice condition.
Nimble Needle Rainbow Thread Cards

Great fun these ornaments are and their on 13 count to boot.  More on their way, for now here's Baseball and La Crosse

Baseball Sweater and thread kit

La Crosse sweater and thread kit

Really happy to see Brenda has a guide for this piece.  Its full of shading and intimidating, but so bold in its presence.  Brenda spells out in a user friendly way how to broaden your stitch vocabulary using intermediate level stitches and threads.
Charro by Leigh Designs, Stitch guide by Brenda Hart

Stitch guide available with canvas

Love the boldness, love the tie to another culture it just adds so much more to the story.  Here's two in a series by Leigh.
Moondance Mask by Leigh Designs

Dzoonakwa Mask by Leigh Designs
A stash buster? a sampler of different stitches, or just a fun piece.  Stitch painted by Sophia on 13 count.
Collage by Sophia on 13

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