Sunday, February 9, 2014

Brach Lavee part II (20% savings too)

United Jersalem $158.00
Julia Needleworks was kind enough to forward additional canvases from the Bracha Lavee trunk show that were previously out of stock.  Perhaps one of these is the one you've been waiting for?  Often intrigued by artists I've done a little more homework about her original work.  The needlepoint canvases are based on her original tapestries often constructed on felt, silk and satin.  Interestingly these are 3 different textures I often try to incorporate in needlepoint through thread selections.  Felt (matte) Silk (sheen) Satin (shine).  With todays threads I think few could resist the addition of sparkle.  For matte appearance velvet, burmilana, or other fine weight wools are options.  Silks ~ well we could go on for days about the abundance of silks.  For those who haven't been to the Nimble Needle we have Splendor, Gloriana, Pepper Pot, Vineyard, Grandeur, Elegance, Gumnut stars, Trebizond, Au ver a Soie,  and a few Waterlillies, Belle Soie and Silk n Colors.  To achieve shine I prefer Trebizond silk which is a flat silk, but there is Neon Rays too; or any rayon will do if your willing to put up with it. (sorry rayon's still annoy me).  I will be adding some Soie Ovale to my next order with Access Commodities as this to is flat silk and I think would be lovely for stems, fine china, or candy canes when you want a very slick appearance.  Well I've strayed far enough, back to Bracha Lavee.  Last but not least, all trunk show canvases are 20% off.  For the full offering (in alphabetical order) click here
New Vizion Tallis Bag $162.00

 Pray for Peace Tefillin $125.00
Pray for Peace tefillin $125
 Touch of Torah tallis $158.00
Touch of Torah $158.00

 To see more of her original pieces look here:

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