Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whats new?

Here's a few new items.  Beginning with the Elegant Elephant by Liz Dillon for Tapestry Tent Designs.  I love the more unusual shape that accentuates the design.  Click on any caption to purchase or learn more details.  Enjoy….

Tapestry Tent Elegant Elephant SOLD

Gorgeous adaptation by Hope Hanley for Point of it All Designs.  Available with or without threads.  Interested in threads?  I have two palettes selected; one with a strong blue and green accent in jewel tones, and the other with softer accents, more caribbean like in the blues and greens.  Both are shown with Espresso by Pepper Pot silks for the background, a touch softer than a pure black.
Smithsonian Crest, adaption by Hope Hanley13 count

Smithsonian Crest, adaption by Hope Hanley 13 count
A lovely couple of Ginger Jars. I imagine the jars stitched with color, couching and perhaps some ribbons; and an open lacey stitch for the background creating a light backdrop to set them off nicely.
 Gold Ginger Jar by Melissa Shirley

Blue Ginger Jar by Melissa Shirley

Never too soon to think about Holiday Stitching.
Christmas Rabbit with French Horn, by Peter Ashe

Chimp Birth Sampler, 13 count, by Alice Peterson
Fans by Sophia, on 13 count, lends itself perfectly for different stitches and textures.
Fans by Sophia 13 count
Any Grey Garden fans will appreciate the likeness to Little Edie Bouvier.
Homage to Little Edie, by Sophia 13 count

Geometric fans, those who seek the logical, or maybe your a quilter.  I have found many customers who are strong in math skills crave the geometric patterns.

Susan Roberts Jewel Box 13 count
Changing over to accessories and tools:
Penguin Santa needle minders

Ice Skate needle minders

Tool kit (in a genuine leather case) by Access Commodities.  Recommended for help in Bead embroidery, Stump Work and working with Memory thread or wired Kreinik.  Tools snip threads and metals and wire.  Rounded tip pliers help in making smooth rounded curves and turns.  Tweezers for removing that unwanted fleck or thread.  The small pair of stainless scissors are my personal favorites and available for individual purchase.

Access Commodities tool kit

Large Owl scissor fob
In response to so many asking how to best store threads I had the fine folks at Rainbow Gallery make these up.  So many threads like Gloriana, Threadworx and the Caron Collection come in skeins.  To help them stay in their best condition consider wrapping them on a card.  Stuffing them into a floss away bag soon to become a birds nest usually leads to frustration.  20 cards with a ring make for a way to easily get organized and keep more threads in like shapes for later storing in boxes.
NN Thread cards,  20 with ring

Perfect for storing threads that otherwise come on a skein.

Portable, wearable LED light
 These affordable stitch n zip cases are perfect for those who prefer to do their own thing, prefer Bargello, would like to do a monogram or practice a birthday plaid.
Blank Stitch n Zip cosmetic case

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