Sunday, January 19, 2014

Take and Make, new Big Buddies and more….

For small projects to keep with you on the go, key fobs by Julia's are a perfect.  And the purse flaps from Sophia, though moire purses aren't for everyone, are nice size projects to take for a long weekend.

Sophia Purse 13 count with thread kit

Sophia Purse without threads $124.

Ladybug red leather key fob

Ladybug black leather key fob kit

Fleur de Lis black leather key fob kit

Martini with olives Green leather key fob

Pink tote leather key fob

Sea grass in from Thread Gatherer.  While not up online for sale, its here in the shop or call and I can send some out.  $12.00 for two pack's in combinations seen below.

Green leaves and Grass Hoppers

pond scum and celery

celtic sea and Idaho Sage
Dead Wood and Vintage Browns

NEW BLING for your canvas and needles. Click here to see them all by Elizabeth Turner.

New minders by Mag Friends expected soon!

Dovo makes some of the nicest scissors available.  Still made by a family business, no outsourcing to China or Mexico.  These 3 have a bit of personality to them.

Ladybug scissors by Dovo

Dovo with satin gold handle

Bumblebee scissors by Dovo


  1. LOVE the Swan magnet, will it be back in stock soon?

    1. Hi Ada, I can certainly request more. As you can tell they sold out already. So hard to know which are king to be most popular! Frogs are gone and the seahorse has been a popular one too.


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