Monday, December 9, 2013

Stockings in all shapes and sizes

Here's a selection of stockings I have available to ship.  Some are available as shown with threads but any can be kitted based on your preferences.  Most are full size or mini's however the one by Whimsy & Grace, Amanda Lawford and also Pippin sort of fall in between.  Click on the caption for more information and purchasing. Oh, and any can be personalized!

Wildwood Stocking by Melissa Shirley

Plaid Table Top Tree Melissa Shirley

Peace and Pine by Debbie Mumm for Melissa Shirley

Williamsburg Stocking Lee Needle Arts 13 count
Damask stocking, also available w/o thread kit

Amanda Lawford 13 count, about 9" high

Pippin Angel sock 13 count

Silver Needle

Many college and university stockings in stock and ready to ship, here are just a few but I also have: Villanova, Lehigh, Rutgers, Russell Sage, RPI, Caltech, William & Mary, Dickinson, Drexel, Gettysburg, LaFayette and Carnegie Mellon.
Yale Mini sock

MIT mini sock

University of Delaware mini sock

Gayla starfish & sand dollars

Manatee stocking

Santa Flamingo

Julie Mar,  purple stripe stocking

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