Friday, November 22, 2013

Hear Ye all Anglophiles

Limited Edition of Henry VIII by Labors of Love.  The trunk show has gone very well and I am left wondering what else the Nimble Needle can offer from Labors of Love.  For all those who are intrigued by the Tudor collection did you know there are only two of these limited edition canvases left?  For those looking to have a piece of history Henry is now also offered at 20% off which is a savings of over $100.00.  Canvas is available now for $420.00

Limited Edition Henry VIII
Description: Design area is 9" x 13" stitch painted on 18 count canvas. Includes sculpted head, hands and falcon. 

Full portrait of Henry VIII resembles several portraits of Henry during his reign commissioned to Hans Holbein. Henry is shown with a falcon; falconry became one of Henry's coveted pastimes. Regular retail price $525.00 Trunk show price discount 20% through December 2nd. Due to the fragility of the sculpted pieces these were not shipped to the brick and mortar shop for the trunk show. Upon receipt of order Labors of Love will ship to the Nimble Needle. There are only two of these left, all other limited edition pieces by this designer are now sold out. 

This item is priced 20% off for Trunk Show, good through December 2, 2013..

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