Saturday, October 12, 2013

Customer's Work

In this weeks from the finishers.  The pillows are so gorgeous ~ I'm so proud of my customers. These 3 stitchers are very earnest, self taught and have come so far in such a short amount of time.

Canvas by Julie Mar, stitching by Mary M.

Canvas by Lee Needlearts, stitching by Marie B.

Quimper Canvas by Cooper Oaks, stitching by Joanne M.

Side ruching detail.
Funny thing about the Quimper pillow is Joanne has stitched several pieces since this one, though this was her first purchase and what brought her into the store as she inherited a nice collection of Quimper pottery (or is it china?)  This piece is so quiet and tame compared to the intense color's she seeks with just about every purchase since then.

the two projects below were stitched for grandchildren by their loving Mommom's.
Fun car by Silver Needle, stitching by Marie B.
Canvas by Renaissance Designs, stitching by Elizabeth
Chalsey as the stitcher calls her is a gift for your little grand daughter.  Elizabeth bought this from me online and like many of my long distant customers love to share their finished pieces.  Boucle was used for the much of the dog's body.  Needless to say Elizabeth has much patience to use this thread in a large areas!  It sure looks like she's a perfectionist.

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