Sunday, October 27, 2013

New canvases for Christmas!

All in stock ready to ship.  Need threads?  Happy to put a kit together based on your preferences.
Pink and Red Poinsettia

Brocade Stocking
Striped candy cane

Snow Faerie SOLD

Fleur de Lis SOLD

Manatee Mini Stocking

Poinsettia flip flop

Joy Ornament

Santa ball Ornament

Santa Helper

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lovely Lani Flowers and more

Just in from Lani Silver.  She's a special artist like no one else.  All available, just contact me if your interested.  I should have them up online for sale soon, but in the meantime you can call me at 856 354 8100.  Top two florals are 11 3/4" square.  Black Mule 9 7/8" square.  Clementine doll, 6 1/4" x 10 7/8".  Clementine is on 18 count, all others on 13!

Hydrangea's and Poppies on 13 $198.

Roses on 13 $198.

Black Mule with Guide $172. on 13 count

Clementine Doll $136 on 18

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Inventory from Whimsey and Grace

New in this week!  Click on caption for more info. Stocking soon to be posted.

Asparagus Brick cover with threads $187.00
Brick cover painted on 13 count, available separately for $119.00.  Thread kits includes PepperPot silks, High Cotton, Threadworx overdyed perle cotton, Felicity's Garden and Annabelle's Playhouse.  Depending on the stitch selected for asparagus pepperpot can be used individually or doubled over.

Silver and Gold Reflection $45.00

Holly Reflection $45.00

Antique Holly Reflection $45.

Holy Spirit in Gold $29.00

Holy Spirit could go easily into one of Lee's self finishing round ornaments in gold, or silver. Not pictured but I do have these in stock.

Teri's stocking $170.00
Yes lousy picture, process of selecting threads to assemble a thread kit and haven't taken a better picture yet.  Its on 18 count and not enormous.  More like the size of a stocking that was the norm when I was a kid!  Toe 7 1/2" wide, overall lenght 13".

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Customer's Work

In this weeks from the finishers.  The pillows are so gorgeous ~ I'm so proud of my customers. These 3 stitchers are very earnest, self taught and have come so far in such a short amount of time.

Canvas by Julie Mar, stitching by Mary M.

Canvas by Lee Needlearts, stitching by Marie B.

Quimper Canvas by Cooper Oaks, stitching by Joanne M.

Side ruching detail.
Funny thing about the Quimper pillow is Joanne has stitched several pieces since this one, though this was her first purchase and what brought her into the store as she inherited a nice collection of Quimper pottery (or is it china?)  This piece is so quiet and tame compared to the intense color's she seeks with just about every purchase since then.

the two projects below were stitched for grandchildren by their loving Mommom's.
Fun car by Silver Needle, stitching by Marie B.
Canvas by Renaissance Designs, stitching by Elizabeth
Chalsey as the stitcher calls her is a gift for your little grand daughter.  Elizabeth bought this from me online and like many of my long distant customers love to share their finished pieces.  Boucle was used for the much of the dog's body.  Needless to say Elizabeth has much patience to use this thread in a large areas!  It sure looks like she's a perfectionist.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Live at Pomegranate Guild National Convention, Philadelphia

Hard to say what to make of the event today but it's always a pleasant surprise to meet someone special and right away I knew I liked Debbie. She had on display some lovely Judaic huck embroidery pieces.  Yes what an unlikely style you may say? Forget the traditional swedish huck patterns you see on Nordic Needle. Tomorrow I'll take some pictures.  What's so interesting about Debbie aside from her creative needlework is she is a fourth generation cantor and the founder of The Womens Cantors' Network.
Karen  and Cantor Deborah Katchko-Gray

Here is the right half on her buck embroidered tallit.  Just graphically it looked so appealing to me from across the room.

Tallit by Cantor Deborah Katchko Gra

Upon close examination to me, my first impression was this looks like structured thread doodling.  I've never tried huck embroidery but I find it so fascinating that my simply weaving a thread upon the surface one can make very creative, very powerful lines that are also meaningful designs.  The circles on the right you can see are simply loop-dee-loops made from a thread drawn through the weave of the fabric. The waves to the left are so interesting!

Close up detail

Below you can see that when you flip the ground fabric over, the design thread nevers goes through the surface but rather is just woven on the surface .  The ground fabric used here is referred to as popcorn fabric, and I believe its 7 count.  I think one could make wonderful table runners or wall hangings.  Debbie was taken by the Painters Thread Perle 5 threads I brought.  Perle 5 works well on 7 count and the variation in color makes the huck embroidered patterns that much more interesting  and visually pleasing.
Reverse side of tallit

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Melissa Shirley's October Basket is Here!

and It's Beautiful!

October Basket $219.00 10 x 17 on 13 count

Seymour $54.  about 6 x 7 on 13 count

Elwin $54. 13 count
Sammy $54. 13 count
Pumpkins aren't up in the store yet, email or call if your interested.  856 354 8100.  More Melissa Shirley in, just not Halloween themed, will post very soon! Tiny lighthouses, two different rabbits and Melissa's sunflower garden.