Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stitch guides for every level stitcher

 Wish I had known about these ornaments sooner.  Stitch painted, easy to travel with, only use a few threads and they come with a guide.  What could be better?  There simplicity makes them an elegant addition to real glass ornaments or a nice counterpoint to stitched ornaments with a great deal more detail.  Click on the title for more info, they price between $40 -$50 each.  Not familiar with Shear Creations?  these are the fine gals who brought us Stitches to Go and Stitches for Effect Books; veterans when it comes to understanding stitches.

Antique Glass Ornament with guide

Harlequin Glass Ornament with Guide

Antique Glass Ornament with Guide

Antique Glass Ornament with Guide

Plaid Antique Ornament with Guide

Antique Plaid Ornament

Antique blue glass ornament with Guide

Antique blue glass ornament
 Holly berries is more contemporary and bold.  Comes with a stitch guide though doesn't show a finished picture of it.  I love this one, not that the others aren't pretty, this one is must a bit more hip.
Shear Creations Holly Berries

Shear Creations Holly Berries

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