Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Owls and other Animals

Six new fun canvases.  The Zebra has been a popular piece from Birds of a Feather but for me the Elephant takes the cake.  Please note her toe nails should be stitched in the most sparkly pink thread out there.  The sun?  not sure what thread line has this color!  Click on each title for more info.
Flowered Elephant

 Consensus seems to be the Zebra makes for a perfect tote bag.
Zany Zebra

For cats with dignity there's Kitty Magritte by Maggie.

Kitty Magritte

Silly me thought the owl craze was winding down but I seem to continue to get requests.  The Brown Owl by Birds of a Feather is an old stand by.  Owl Family is a brand new design by Zecca and the floral owl with those big endearing eyes is new from Maggie.

Brown Owl

Owl Family by Zecca

Floral Owl by Maggie SOLD

If the one's above are too cute here's a handsome elephant.  Reminds me of an illustration from a 1950's story book.
Elephant by Colors of Praise

And for the purists a Eurasian red squirrel.  Not a bad representation by Barbara Russel.
Eurasian Red Squirrel

image by wikipedia

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