Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Magnetic Needle Minders

30 Different Ones to choose from.  For prices click on the links below, some are from Accoutrements and others by Elizabeth Turner.  Join the craze!  Here's just a few; prices vary from $8 to $20.  combined shipping available.  Click on the two links below for pricing and availability.


  1. I like the Cameo needle minder, but I don't see it listed on either of the links

    1. Hi, I had no idea how popular magnets are. I sold out of the Cameo, Swan and Baseball. and Hello Kitty which didn't even make it to the post. Thinking I need to order more. If I do I'll post something back to your comment. I do have to say for whatever reason, if someone knows please share, that the Needle Buddies have sold far better than the Mag Friends. Is it because they're not as widely available?

    2. Just received in many new needle minders including additional cameos. click here to find the cameo and others. Thank you for being patient.


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