Monday, September 2, 2013

Classes with Sharon G Embellishment and Painting

Canvas embellishment, Canvas enhancement, Canvas SOS call it what you will but its a day to get the expertise of Sharon with a canvas of your choice.  Buy a canvas at 20% off or bring your own.  Sharon will help in your selection of threads and stitches.  Bring paper and pencil to take notes, Sharon is wealth of information not to mention what you may learn by others.  Class fee 75.00 register here:

From popular demand Sharon will be doing a 2 day painting class on November 9th and 10th.  Below are examples from her students at the 2012 ANG Seminar.  Some stitchers are interested in "how to paint" and this will surely be covered but equally important is what to paint and how to go about it.  Composition and color along with technique.  Whether you consider yourself creative is not an issue for Sharon just your willingness to learn and confidence that you can bring along an original image that is meaningful to you.  Class will run from 9:30 to 4:30 Saturday and Sunday.  All materials are supplied.  Class fee $170 with any store purchases offered at 20% off.

Online Registration is now open.

Sharon Berish Garmize12:46pm Sep 1
I managed to upload a few photos of results from my paint classes. I have a few more but you all get the idea. I ask you to bring along a photo you took...copyright is an issue with me so no postcards or magazine clippings. We go from there. I bring along paints and all you need, you bring clothes that you might not mind splashing paint on. I have plastic ugly aprons but just incase. Class goes for 2 days. No throwing paint on the teacher. We have fun.
Monument Valley by L. Soto

Backyard Pond by J. Ray

Hawaii Seascape by B. Evans

Sailboat Sunset by Susan O'Connor

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