Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bead trays, back in stock. Must have for beaders, IMO

The first batch flew out the door, and for good reason.  I don't endorse many products for being a necessity but I wouldn't choose to bead with out one of these.  They are lightweight and don't slide as I see as a downside of the other beading trays that have a plastic case.  These have a magnet so they can be placed anywhere on your canvas, as in a few canvas threads away from where you are beading.  No more picking a bead up on sticky tape from the edge and taking the bead to where it goes.  I've even put the tray on top of completed stitched areas so my beads are right where I need them.  Fabric bottom with smooth magnet is pretty safe to put on top of anything.  End when your done you can remove your unused beads for future use.  If you work your canvas on a steep angle the beads can roll in the crevice, but better here than on the floor, table or lost on your canvas.  Not sure what others do but I tend to only sprinkle a pea's worth of beads on the tray at a time.  Also a safe place to park your threaded beading needles. Thanks Carol, I just love these snap bead trays.  $24. each.  Click on the link and see better pics of those available.

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