Monday, September 23, 2013

Squigee Model Trunk show

As seen on the latest Needlepoint Now!  

 The White House, Squigee has several other 3D house canvases including many for Christmas.

Her beach themed ornaments are very popular too.
She also does custom flip-flops.

Here's 2 flip-flops stitched for a customer's nieces Lily and Marlee.  So much you can do to keep these simple or embellished.  Here Maria stitched the strap, but one can easily stitch the entire foot and attach a ribbon or string of beads for the straps.  Price for a custom name is about $50.00

 Please call for pricing or to order.  All Squigee canvas orders / purchases through the month of October receive free shipping.  To see her full line go to

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Minders for all our Needles and such

Lots of new ones including a Jack o Lantern and Witch Hat.  Links at the bottom of the post will take you to the purchasing part. Larger ones' $20. Smaller are $14.00.  They make for great gifts too.

Needle Buddies at the Nimble Needle Web Store

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Owls and other Animals

Six new fun canvases.  The Zebra has been a popular piece from Birds of a Feather but for me the Elephant takes the cake.  Please note her toe nails should be stitched in the most sparkly pink thread out there.  The sun?  not sure what thread line has this color!  Click on each title for more info.
Flowered Elephant

 Consensus seems to be the Zebra makes for a perfect tote bag.
Zany Zebra

For cats with dignity there's Kitty Magritte by Maggie.

Kitty Magritte

Silly me thought the owl craze was winding down but I seem to continue to get requests.  The Brown Owl by Birds of a Feather is an old stand by.  Owl Family is a brand new design by Zecca and the floral owl with those big endearing eyes is new from Maggie.

Brown Owl

Owl Family by Zecca

Floral Owl by Maggie SOLD

If the one's above are too cute here's a handsome elephant.  Reminds me of an illustration from a 1950's story book.
Elephant by Colors of Praise

And for the purists a Eurasian red squirrel.  Not a bad representation by Barbara Russel.
Eurasian Red Squirrel

image by wikipedia

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bead trays, back in stock. Must have for beaders, IMO

The first batch flew out the door, and for good reason.  I don't endorse many products for being a necessity but I wouldn't choose to bead with out one of these.  They are lightweight and don't slide as I see as a downside of the other beading trays that have a plastic case.  These have a magnet so they can be placed anywhere on your canvas, as in a few canvas threads away from where you are beading.  No more picking a bead up on sticky tape from the edge and taking the bead to where it goes.  I've even put the tray on top of completed stitched areas so my beads are right where I need them.  Fabric bottom with smooth magnet is pretty safe to put on top of anything.  End when your done you can remove your unused beads for future use.  If you work your canvas on a steep angle the beads can roll in the crevice, but better here than on the floor, table or lost on your canvas.  Not sure what others do but I tend to only sprinkle a pea's worth of beads on the tray at a time.  Also a safe place to park your threaded beading needles. Thanks Carol, I just love these snap bead trays.  $24. each.  Click on the link and see better pics of those available.

See all the Bead Trays

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Customers Work

Time to show off some good looking work.  So many pillows!

Melissa Shirley dress canvas, stitching by Nancy S.
My first time to have Pouff pillows as they are called.  Being the canvas was round and the other oval a knife edge pillow was out of the question.  Next thought, box?  but these will be used on Maria's bed and she thought the softer look of the pouff style is more in keeping with a well made bed than the rigid  ness of a box construction.  She's working on the third which will be a large rectangle, with the medium round and smaller oval below.
Canvas by Barbara Russell, stitching by Maria H.

Orchid canvas by Barbara Russell, stitching by Maria H.

Canvas by Jean Smith ??, stitching by Mary M.
Small wristlet came out so nice, its so soft to the touch both on the stitched side and the leather side you just want to keep touching it!  Background was done in Gumnut stars and medallions in Gumnut stars blended with Bijoux.  Gift for his daughter.
Canvas by Red Thread, stitching by Stanley K.

Canvas by Elizabeth Bradley, found by customer in hand me down stash.

Canvas by JP, stitching by Mary M.
Canvas by Barbara Russell, stitching by Mindy A.
I just love the addition of the silk plaid border, it truly makes the pillow.  A great example of why I like to leave it up to the finisher as this is something that wouldn't have occured to me if I felt that I "needed" to give instruction.

Canvas by ??, stitching by Mary M.

The camel is exquisitely stitched.  Appliqued on a custom bag for her daughter who attends Connecticut College, and there mascot guessed it; a camel.  Couldn't help but post a close up.  Daughter is majoring in the Classics, so material chosen by Mom is most fitting.
Canvas by Rebecca Wood, stitching by Val K.

Camel close up