Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Cats to stitch

Several new canvases for cat lovers.  The top two are very special, Osgood by Sharon G and the other by Shorebird Studio.  click on each title for more info on ordering.  Any can be kitted with threads.

Osgood by Sharon G $140.00

and below Sleeping Cat from Kathryn (Katie) Molineux from Shore Bird Studio.  To me its the ultimate piece to stitch as a chair cushion (design 17" x 14") or a cushion for atop a footstool.
Sleeping Cat by Kathryn Molineux Shorebird Studio

Orange Cat by Barbara Russell $62.

Tabby Cat by Barbara Russell $62.
New designer Pippin Studio, there is a dog version referring to walks (sold out).  Really cute and a great designer for those looking for clean fun and simple.   Below is Molly by Cooper Oaks, if a child could draw the ultimate orange cat I think it would look just like this.
Darn cute Cat Canvas by Pippin Studio $52

Molly a happy cat by Cooper Oaks

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