Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Cats to stitch

Several new canvases for cat lovers.  The top two are very special, Osgood by Sharon G and the other by Shorebird Studio.  click on each title for more info on ordering.  Any can be kitted with threads.

Osgood by Sharon G $140.00

and below Sleeping Cat from Kathryn (Katie) Molineux from Shore Bird Studio.  To me its the ultimate piece to stitch as a chair cushion (design 17" x 14") or a cushion for atop a footstool.
Sleeping Cat by Kathryn Molineux Shorebird Studio

Orange Cat by Barbara Russell $62.

Tabby Cat by Barbara Russell $62.
New designer Pippin Studio, there is a dog version referring to walks (sold out).  Really cute and a great designer for those looking for clean fun and simple.   Below is Molly by Cooper Oaks, if a child could draw the ultimate orange cat I think it would look just like this.
Darn cute Cat Canvas by Pippin Studio $52

Molly a happy cat by Cooper Oaks

Monday, August 19, 2013

Customer's Work

Love to show off my customers accomplishments.  Top one below looks great here, but is spectacular in real life.  The colors are intoxicating.  Nice use of Brown Paper Packages Stardust, a thread that needs to promoted IMO.  We all know that metallics don't photograph to their potential so you'll have to pick up a skein at your local LNS and give it a try.  It was used in some of the red areas.
Colors of Praise Tulips stitched by Joanne M.
A funky floral by Birds of a Feather stitched for my customers young grand daughter.  A collection of threads and beads made it fun to stitch and finished up practical for a pillow.
Birds of Feather Flowers stitched by Jeanne B.
The ever popular Painted Pony Angels.  Always a hit.  The international angels typically have the country's distinct flag pattern used for the wings.
Painted Pony UK Angel stitched by Mary M.
If you can zoom in you'll see just how talented Kathy is.  So many stitches used effectively without one overwhelming another.  Cute santas are available from Lee Needlearts.  The one on the right is available now, click on the title for more info.
Assorted ornaments including Lee and Kelly Clark stitched by Kathy L.

Want to have a fun piece?  A piece to make a statement?  Just pick any canvas by Ewe & Eye or Maggie & Co. and let Lisa do her thing.  Her frames truly make the piece and for a one of kind the price to me is comparable or less than most frame places.  When a piece is stitched by hand it just feels right when the frame is too.
Ewe and Ewe Sarah stitched by Kathy M. Frame by Lisa Krause of Deux Bijoux Bijoux

Last but not least the great Hyacinth Macaw by Katie Molineux.  I so love the framing, appears as if the inner mat is wrapped in a silk duping and the woven rattan look of the general mat and a handsome frame that doesn't overwhelm.  Gary's one of my long term, long distant customers so until I make it to Oregon I won't see this in person.  Thanks for sharing.  Interesting how the blue in the macaw is so similar to the blue in the pillow at the beginning of the post!
Hyacinth Macaw by Kathryn Molineux of Shorebird Studio Stitched by Gary D.
Below is a classic design by Lee Needlearts.  Judy hadn't stitched for the past 20 years plus so she chose this and because of the amount of colors, and no stash (imagine that) she went with pearl cotton.  When a piece is well designed and stitch painted you can get away with plain old basketweave and still have a piece that turns heads.

Lee Needle Arts Bag and Canvas Stitched by Judy R.