Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thread Management for Projects and Stash

Date Palm Pomegrante Guild 2013
I can't count the times people ask about how to manage, organize and store threads.  Somewhere I found that I could have cards made by Rainbow Gallery and decided this could prove to be a huge boost in organization and storing.  Lets face it, most of use some kind of Rainbow Gallery thread on most every project.  They fit in floss baggies, have a hole to keep on a ring, have a place to write a few notes on, and have a place to secure the thread end both in the beginning and end of a strand.  Short of having someone wind on your thread they seem pretty darn perfect.  
Now, can we even begin to count how many threads we use that are purchased as a skein and soon become a rats nest?  Ok, I know there are the type A's out there who don't let this happen and then there all of us who lack in the patience department to do something with a skein once we've made that first cut.  Below is a project I've been asked to teach at the annual Pomegranate Guild Convention in 2013.  Canvas design is by Arlene Spector, it is line drawn (no painting) on 13 count.  To demonstrate my new handy dandy cards you can see what my project bag of threads was before......and then after.  I have to write on the cards what the thread is.  Cards will be sold in lots of 20, I just have to run the numbers to see what the cost is and then look for them for sale both online and in the store.

Organized threads

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