Sunday, July 21, 2013

last week in the shop.....

Just a snippet of typical week in the shop,  a few new canvases, finishing returned and Pepper Pot silks now available.

Custom by Leigh Designs
The white tulip beautifully painted by Leigh Richardson is typical of her Bloom collection (see Day Lily below) and was request by Jeanne R.  Jeanne has stitched, or more accurately I have sold to her, several of Leigh's blooms including an earlier custom piece of a pink peony.  Jeanne is one of my many long distant customers who loves flowers and trusts my eye for color when it comes to threads.

Clair bag by Elizabeth Turner stitched by Patty B
Nice small size handbag nicely finished by M's canvas house.  Stitched in vineyard, silk lame braid and some beads too.  Well stitched by Patty who has quite the collection of needlepoint purses and bags.

Custom by Gail Hendrix
Custom design for Mary M.'s grand daughter.  Going on a window seat at their beach house.  Bedding is done in a similar color pink and sage green tiny plaid.  Leave it to Marlene to do thee perfect finishing.  Customer requested very plain, I know many elsewhere in needlepoint land go for more embellishment.  Mary likes the understated.
JBW xstitch, stitched by Linda R
Very pretty ring pillow for a Linda's son's wedding in August.

Canvas by J Child stitched by Joanne H
Too bad this pillow doesn't show better in pictures.  The gimp braid looks too heavy to me but in real life the whole pillow is adorable.  Joanne stitched this for her new great-grandson.

Designer unknown
Not every pillow has to be over the top.  The pansies are so explosive that I'm not sure anything more is necessary.  Its big, wider than a chair seat, going on my customers bed.

NEW!  Kasmir by Lois Caron
Canvas is new, got me thinking I long for more elegant designs available in needlepoint. This one is 16" square on 13 count. $182.00
NEW! Day Lily by Leigh Designs
Love Leigh's Blooms for several reasons.  10" square, 13 count, no background, has presence.  $144.

NEW! Hibiscus with Lemons by Melissa Shirley
New this week also and thought it looked nice with the other two above!  Nice for a table runner, window seat bench, or over a large doorway.  (However my invoice refers to it as a bolster.) $225. Don't have the dimensions handy but its wide maybe 10" x 40".  Will post proper dimensions when I get it up in the online store.

Darks by PepperPot Silks
Oh and last but certainly not least Pepper Pot has arrived.  I know your thinking "and this is what you choose to picture?"  The colors are just wonderful, and in just one day I found 2 colors for pieces that I couldn't find in any other thread line.  The reason I chose these is just to show how they have lovely options for black.  For the most part I'm not crazy about using pure black when that's what the canvas may be showing.  Now I have options!!  These were taken in bright day light so while the blueberry appears navy in most situations it looks closer to black than blue.  Unlike other threads I've brought in to the shop such as Felicity's Garden and High Cotton I have a feeling Pepper Pot is going to sell itself.

Melissa Shirley Dress, stitched by Nancy S for her teenage grand daughter
ever popular Kathy Schenkel mini socks, Helene L stitched this for her daughter in honor of her summer internship in NYC at a posh french restaurant

Happy Halloween door hanger stitched up by Carol M.  Designer unknown.

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