Monday, June 24, 2013

Julie Mar & Friends Puppies and Purse collection

Julie Mar and Friends Trunk Show is now in full swing.  Take adavantage of 20%.  Don't see the one your looking for?  Just ask I may have and if not I can request it for you and have it out to you within the week (assuming its in stock). 

Incase you only think flowers when you see Julie Mar, think again.  The Puppies and purses are doing well as small stand-ups so you can have your favorite needlepoint puppy with you (say at work) when away from home.  Trunk show price of $38.40  ~ a good deal!  Each approximately 6" x 6".


Bulldog Puppy

Black Lab Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

Maltese Mix

Poodle SOLD

Pomeranian Pup

Tan Labrador

Jack Russell Terrier

Kitten clutch

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