Sunday, June 2, 2013

Customer's Gallery June 2013

Always nice to share the fruits of my customer's.  Finishers include Marlene's custom pillows, Chery's Needlework Finishing. Last to pillows, Medieval pillow and Beth Russell Georgian pillow finished by customers.

Libby Sturdy has some great Santa's.  They come line drawn on the canvas with extensive stitch guides.  Available through Sundance Designs
Libby Sturdy Santa, stitched by Ruth
Ruth Schmuff canvas, stitched by Kathleen
Barbara Russell canvas, stitched by Patti
Colors of Praise canvas, stitched by Mary
One of several eggs available though Lee Needlearts.  Often finished on much larger forms with ruched sides and lots of fru fur on top Miriam prefers the minimal.  As most of my customers do.  From what I understand its mostly in the Northeast part of the country that prefers minimal embellisment on finishing.  These little stands are great for turning any ornament into a simple stand-up.

Lee Faberge Egg, stitched by Miriam.

Lee Faberge Egg, stitched by Miriam.
I love when a music box is placed inside a pillow.  Some music box workings are better than others and if important, don't skimp on the quality. I like the use of the angora on the cloud.
Stitch-Its pillow, stitched by Marci

Cooper Oaks Brick, stitched by Lynn
Many new Painted Pony angels have just been posted online!  Mrs Santa, Dr. Angel, Boo Angel, and Snow Queen.
Painted Pony Kimono Angel, stitched by Miriam.

Painted Pony Halloween Angel, stitched by Miriam.

Can you say Patience?  All done in cross stitch from a chart.  Scarlet Letter makes wonderful historic reproduction charts.  Not sure if this is just a detail taken from a larger chart.  All stitched in DMC.
Cross stitch pillow. Chart from Scarlet Letter chart, stitched by Norma.

Beth Russell Kit, stitched by Rene


  1. Beautiful stitching and finishing on all the pieces. Some very talented

  2. Dear Linda and Denise, I miss you both. If Sharon comes again shall I let you know? If so would you be looking to do something specific with her? Hope you both have been well.

  3. I love my ornament!

  4. The cross stitch pillow is the total chart not a detail!
    It is beautiful!

  5. Thank you Evelyne for knowing your charts. And yes it is lovely indeed.


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