Friday, June 7, 2013

A few small bell pulls

Not to upstage Henry I decided to put these as a separate post.  Liz Dillion (Tapestry Tent) is the artist for the Parakeets.  I'm not sure which I find more appealing the cage or the birds!  The two below from Julie Mar are here until July 8th as part of the Julie Mar Trunk Show.  All three are splendid opportunities for silk ribbon work.  The parakeets is just under 4" wide and the Julie Mar are 3", all are 18" long, a nice petite proportion.  Sorry for the inconsistent lighting when taking the pictures.

Tapestry Tent Parakeets $115.

Julie Mar Fuchsia $62. during trunk show
Julie Mar Iris and Wisteria $62. during trunk show

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