Monday, June 24, 2013

Julie Mar & Friends Puppies and Purse collection

Julie Mar and Friends Trunk Show is now in full swing.  Take adavantage of 20%.  Don't see the one your looking for?  Just ask I may have and if not I can request it for you and have it out to you within the week (assuming its in stock). 

Incase you only think flowers when you see Julie Mar, think again.  The Puppies and purses are doing well as small stand-ups so you can have your favorite needlepoint puppy with you (say at work) when away from home.  Trunk show price of $38.40  ~ a good deal!  Each approximately 6" x 6".


Bulldog Puppy

Black Lab Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

Maltese Mix

Poodle SOLD

Pomeranian Pup

Tan Labrador

Jack Russell Terrier

Kitten clutch

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Whats New?

A mixed bag of a post.  Finishing which is so popular to my viewers.  Full replenishment of Evertites if there's a size you need, and a few Christmas canvases.  Still catching up on getting the Julie Mar up for sale on the webstore, other new canvases to follow.  Call if you'd like me to send any until there up for easy purchasing!

America Santa by Rebecca Wood $162.00  10 1/4" x 6 3/4"

Rebecca Wood Baseball Santa Ornament $46.

Rebecca Wood Christmas Ornament $46.
 This piece is a great sampler opportunity for borders, bands, beads and laid/filling stitches.

Rebecca Wood Santa Ornament with Treats $46.

Rebecca Wood 2 sided Snowman with Green Jacket $98 7 1/4" x 4 3/4"

Evertites....  Keep it Taunt!
 Two marvelous books by Jane Zimmerman.  No fluff, no color but an eyefull of ideas with great clear pictures and good working diagrams.  Each book about 50 pages, each $20.00

Background Stitches by Jane Zimmerman $20.

Laid and Layered stitches by Jane Zimmerman $20.

Drumroll for this weeks finishing........
Sharon G stitchers Ornament, stitched by Karen D, finishing by Cheryl
Melissa Shirley dress, stitched by Nancy, finishing by Cheryl

Melissa Shirley acorn candy cane, stitched by Karen D. , finishing by Cheryl
Melissa Shirley (cuff) now bookmark!  Stitched by Helene, finished by Cheryl

Louis by Red Thread, stitching by Lenny K, wristlet finishing by Custom Needlecraft

Canvas by ?? Stitched by Helen, finished by local finisher

Helen bought this canvas from existing inventory when I first bought my shop in 2006.  I don't know who the designer is but I've seen if recently on a designers site.  Monogram by Sally Corey

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Julie Mar & Friends continued

Slowing getting time to promote the varied designs of Julie Mar and Friends Trunk Show.  Below is a sampling with prices at 20% off retail.  To see her full collection go to 

Julie Mar is a plein air artist and has been known for her florals and landscapes.  When she sold the business the new owner greatly expanded the collection to include several new artists.  

Once all is up for sale in the webstore I'll be sure to let everyone know.  Contact me with pricing for any canvas in the meantime.  This represents only a small fraction of her collection.  20% off retail now through first week in July.

Sunset $151.  16" x 14" on 13 
Sunset by Sally Corey for Julie Mar Designs.  Stitching in progress by Pat Dee, owner of Julie Mar Designs.

Dawn $151.  16" x 14" on 13

Fall Hillside I and II $40. each 5" sq.  Fall Mountain 5" x 12" $83.00

Blue Pansy 9" x 9" on 13 $58.00

Magnolia single 9" x 9" on 13 $58.

Single Poppy $38.00 on 18 5" x 5"

Nippon Butterfly on 18 $58.

Paradise Parrot 12" x 12" $91.

Garden Door $83.00 8" x 10" on 18 count

Decorative Fern $110.  14" x 14" on 13

Pink Tile on 18 $40.
Bunch of Gerbers $77. on 13

Grandma's Pose 9" x 15" on 18 $155.
Main Street 12" x 15" on 18 $155.

Woodland Stocking $216. on 18  Full size
Skating Snowgirl $148. on 13 count Full size

Happy Witch and Young Frankenstein 8" x 10" on 18 $75. each

Ikat in Blue I and II $134.00 each  14" x 14" on 18 count

Single Ducking 5" x 5" 40.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A few small bell pulls

Not to upstage Henry I decided to put these as a separate post.  Liz Dillion (Tapestry Tent) is the artist for the Parakeets.  I'm not sure which I find more appealing the cage or the birds!  The two below from Julie Mar are here until July 8th as part of the Julie Mar Trunk Show.  All three are splendid opportunities for silk ribbon work.  The parakeets is just under 4" wide and the Julie Mar are 3", all are 18" long, a nice petite proportion.  Sorry for the inconsistent lighting when taking the pictures.

Tapestry Tent Parakeets $115.

Julie Mar Fuchsia $62. during trunk show
Julie Mar Iris and Wisteria $62. during trunk show