Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Small Projects and Large Count Kits

I've paired up some threads to go along with a few small project canvases; including large count pieces too. Barbara Bergsten's squares are a good way to learn a few basic stitches on a 10 count canvas. It won't  take long before you can apply your newly learned skills onto something bigger.  Coordinating flip flops are on 13 count.  See below for a Strawberry kit, a nice piece for a child with an urge to stitch.  Ive paired it up with Watercolour's for a soft hand and nice colors but if your on a budget its offered in the online store for $27.00 including acrylic yarns.  The Strawberry crewel kit is right out of 70's, cheerful and homey with a price tag of $14.00.  Lastly a cute penguin ornament complete with embellishments like the new flat back sew on sequins and glass hearts by Millhill.   
Click on the underlined caption for more info.

Squigee/Gail Hendrix Coral Crab SOLD

Barbara Bergsten Mod squares 10 count

Barbara Bergsten Flip Flops

Strawberry scissor case with threads
7 Count Strawberry with Watercolour threads

Strawberry Crewel Whatnot

Barbara Bergsten Penguin with Hearts SOLD

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