Monday, April 29, 2013

NJ Needlefest a Labor of Love

Life at the shop has been busier than ever.  If there aren't weekly posts its a sign of so much happening.  Preparing for Needlefest and Back to Basics along with the norm adds up to no idle time!  But the canvases have been flowing in, over 40 new ones since I've last added to the online store.  Below are just the ones from Labors of Love.  More to come ~ especially in love with the new one's I've received by Tapestry Fair.
Summer Blossoms by Labors of Love $252.
Saturday the 27th was the 2nd annual NJ Needlefest attended by over 125, max capacity.  It was a wonderful day meeting and getting to learn what excites stitchers.  My best selling online items such as better buddies, books by June McKnight, and of course painted canvases.  Didn't sell a single one but still sold about 3 days worth of sales equal from my brick and mortar shop.  Diversity is key.  Whatever it is that you love love love to stitch, its not across the board.  Many charted pieces sold and tools of all sorts.  I had to laugh to myself; event went from 9:30 to 4:30 and after about 5 hours my husband said isn't anybody going to leave soon?  Not until the lights go out can you get a stitcher to think about packing up.  Susan Hoekstra did an amazing job to have this successful event that from my perspective went off flawlessly.
Nimble Needle at NJ Needlefest
2nd Annual NJ Needlefest Pluckemin NJ

On to new stuff!
Henry VIII $52.00
 Henry, yes, with 6 wives, 7 canvas set for $330.00 (10% discount). Henry and each wife are 5" x 5", and can be ordered individually for $52.  They all fit nicely in a box by Sudberry, with Henry being on top, no pun intended.

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