Sunday, March 17, 2013

New for the Ides of March

A sampling of new canvases this week.  The first Japanese Woman is a magnificent design, I wish I knew if it was designed by Theresa Lee herself and when.  This may be the last, or near the last new canvas of this design as it was discontined in May of 2012 by Colonial Needle.  A customer brought my attention to it so I called and ordered it last week; they commented that it was the last one left.

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Japanese Woman

A fun and delicious new piece by Cooper Oaks, if you think the colors are bright they are!  Its so bright and saturated in color that its a piece that gets noticed.


New "Gossip" by Birds of a Feather for 2013.  Very fun and simple in design.

Live with the Creatures is in my book a classic by Carriage House offered by Ewe & Eye.  No animal lover should be without this one.  

Live Amongst the Creatures

A clever design by Susan Wallace Barnes for Cooper Oaks.
Island Jeans

Jerusalem round

Flower Cat, part of a new series by Lee NeedleArts.  Love the line of the tail.  and fun juxtaposed next to "Meow" by Ewe & Eye.
Lee Flower Cat


Beachy canvases by Cooper Oaks, the later "Ocean Breeze" is relatively new design by Warren Kimble.  Nice composition and color without being over complicated.

L' Ocean

Ocean Breeze

Ah, going back to what we imagine was a simpler time full of hope and optimism.

Plimouth Rock

Always intrigued by different shaped canvases is this fun fan by Zecca.  Its like 6 small canvases all fanned out to one.

Fun Fan


  1. I emailed Colonial and protested their dropping the Japanese lady from their line. They very kindly told me that it would always be available as a special order but they couldn't justify keeping an inventory of such a large design in stock since they only sell one occasionally. I am pleased. Someone is going to get a beauty from you and other folks will be able to have this later, too.

  2. Hi Jane, I will say Colonial Needle has been excellent in their customer service with regards to painted canvases. Regardless if the Japanese woman is someones style it is a very special piece in my opinion. For me I am always trying to find canvases that have an artistic quality, there are truly too many cute canvases out on the market, IMO. Perhaps I should equate it to finding good wholesome food to the plethora of junk food so widely available, or well designed and constructed clothing to that which is cheap. I get some personal satisfaction when I see a piece completed that I hope has longevity or timelessness to it and the Japanese Woman is one of them.


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