Monday, March 4, 2013

March 2nd with Susan Hoekstra

Thank you to everyone who came and spent the day with Susan stitching Dove in the Window.  While the spring colors were more popular for the day everyone had thoughts of other seasons too.  Its a versatile piece and would be lovely as a grouping representing spring, summer, fall and winter.

If given a chance to take a class with Susan Hoekstra I highly recommend it.  Susan goes over the basics through to the more challenging techniques in a thoughtful and informative way.  She paces a class conscious of how to keep it moving along and provides plenty of individual attention.  Little time wasted being lost or wondering just what is expected.  Professional in her manner and the amount of time spent in class preparation is obvious.  Interest was expressed in her Ben's Kites piece which she taught at this past ANG seminar in Philadelphia.  If your interested let me know and we'll see about setting a date!

Susan is the key organizer for New Jersey Needle Festival to be held this April 27th in Pluckemin NJ (where I'm pleased to be invited as a vendor) and the New England Needle Festival this August 17th 2013 in Camden Maine.

We take classes to learn something.  Once we've learned it, we have accomplished what that project is for & it's OK not to finish it.  I just saw this on a recent ANG post by Janet Parry quoting Reverend Father B. I couldn't agree more.  There's so much to be learned when it comes to working with a threaded needle and canvas.  I urge everyone to support their local shops when they offer classes by accomplished and professional teachers.  Don't worry about "what will I do with it", its "not my colors" or "I already have so many unfinished projects".  Come to learn, come to meet others with like interests come to make the most of what you have already invested in your stash at home by learning something new or how to best handle a thread or why one technique is better than another.

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