Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring into Cuteness

A few new Brenda Stofft canvases have arrived for the shop.  Mostly with a spring theme and the flying sheep to appeal to stitchers who have a thing for sheep and houses.  The little pull toy is just so adorable and well made.  Have the finisher provide some depth and it will sit nicely on its cart.   Click on the caption or contact the shop if your interested in any, and yes I can kit them with threads for you too.  Scroll all the way down to see a few other Spring themed Stofft's completed by my customer Cindy from Florida, thanks Cindy for sharing!

Please note as of Sunday3/31 all the new canvases by Brenda below have sold.  Word travels fast. Happy to re-order!  Happy Easter.

Brenda's Lamb Pull Toy
Brenda Stofft's Lamb Pull Toy for Spring.  $83. includes canvas and base.  Approximate overall size 4" x 4" x 1 3/4" on 18 count. Base is beautifully crafted.

Finished model from Brenda's site.

Brenda's Chick Pulling a Flower Cart 7" x 4" $52.

Brenda's Sheep with Flower Garland $99. 6" x 9" on 18

Brenda's Flying Sheep 7" x 6" $79.

Below are other canvases by Brenda also available in the shop or online. Click on the title for more information and or to purchase!
Tortoise and Hare scissor case
Hallowe'en Cats

santa postcard
White Rabbit with Flower Cart.  Cindy has a companion Brown Spotted Rabbit with vegetable cart is in the works for a well balanced pair. And below a Sheep Pulling a Flower Cart.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Books and More Books

Got it some new books, new as in June McKnights new Colorful Backgrounds.  And new books for the shop including Needlepointing in Your Nest by Carolyn Baird, Father B's Stitches for the 21st Century, Color  Confidence by Trish Burr, Knots Fur and Turkeywork and a total replenshishment of other titles by June McKnight.  Click on title for more info.

Needlepointing in Your Nest
Have my own copy with me while away this week.   Its a great book to make you feel happy and overflowing with ideas.  A worthwhile own for the new or experienced stitcher. $48., page #'s? but a hefty inch thick.

Father B's

Author the Rev. Robert Blackburn Jr., 350 pages and probably about that many stitch diagrams with plenty of text.  Published by our friends at Rainbow Gallery, $30.00

Colorful Backgrounds NEW 2013

June's newest Colorful backgrounds, here's a peek from inside.

More Backgrounds

Plants & Animals

Needlepoint for Kids, well its book for kids of all ages.  Diagrams are easy and its written with thought and love.  I think its a good primer for anyone who like to have fun while learning.  Good for visual learners, less words more pictures.
Needlepoint for Kids of all ages

Other books by June now in stock include her Best Bargello, Colorful Stitches, Backgrounds, Borders, Christmas Medallions and of course Spooky Stitches oh and how did I foget Glitz and Glamour too! To see them all click here

Trish is one of the best when it comes to thread painting, if your interested in extraordinary shading and color basics its a great book. $32.00

Knots Fur Turkeywork

By Meredith Barnhill Willett and Beth Robertson, $30.00

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New for the Ides of March

A sampling of new canvases this week.  The first Japanese Woman is a magnificent design, I wish I knew if it was designed by Theresa Lee herself and when.  This may be the last, or near the last new canvas of this design as it was discontined in May of 2012 by Colonial Needle.  A customer brought my attention to it so I called and ordered it last week; they commented that it was the last one left.

click on each title for size and price

Japanese Woman

A fun and delicious new piece by Cooper Oaks, if you think the colors are bright they are!  Its so bright and saturated in color that its a piece that gets noticed.


New "Gossip" by Birds of a Feather for 2013.  Very fun and simple in design.

Live with the Creatures is in my book a classic by Carriage House offered by Ewe & Eye.  No animal lover should be without this one.  

Live Amongst the Creatures

A clever design by Susan Wallace Barnes for Cooper Oaks.
Island Jeans

Jerusalem round

Flower Cat, part of a new series by Lee NeedleArts.  Love the line of the tail.  and fun juxtaposed next to "Meow" by Ewe & Eye.
Lee Flower Cat


Beachy canvases by Cooper Oaks, the later "Ocean Breeze" is relatively new design by Warren Kimble.  Nice composition and color without being over complicated.

L' Ocean

Ocean Breeze

Ah, going back to what we imagine was a simpler time full of hope and optimism.

Plimouth Rock

Always intrigued by different shaped canvases is this fun fan by Zecca.  Its like 6 small canvases all fanned out to one.

Fun Fan

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Girlie things

Pretty sure this Maggie canvas has become a classic in the world of needlepoint.  I can say I think this piece has stopped more people walking by my shop than any other I can remember. For the more conservative girls out there I've contrasted it with the Dede girl.  Click on each title for me info.
Party Girls by Anne Campbell for Maggie & Co

Flower Girl by Dede

Flower Girl by Dede, was $210 now $175
Not a piece you'll see that often, perfect for a doll collector or a young girl's room.  Maybe with a music box as part of the finishing?  Very sweet from a by gone era with attention to detail as seen with the bottom to be stitched too.

Sissy by Leigh
A striking piece to think about for the summer.  Like the canvas above it reflects a very different time period than modern day.  Love the idea of contrast between the smooth hardness of the shell and her suit which probably was wool.  Painted on black and white tweed Zeigart mono-deluxe 18 count.

Ring Pillow by the Sweetheart Tree

Very feminine, very pretty Ring Bearer's Pillow.  Available as a kit, lots of beading and some embellishments.  Threads include cotton floss, Kreinik braid, blending filament and perle 12.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tony Minieri Back to Basics I

Its time to hone your skills and make the most of your time and money spent on needlepoint!  Learn with one of the best, learn more than you can imagine, and most important you'll learn by doing.  Back to Basics I with Tony Minieri, May 9th, 10th, 23rd and 24th. 

More colors in Painters Threads available now in the store.  Lovely to work with, including it here for some eye candy.  I can't vouch that this thread is approved by one of Tony's Tenets!

If I could ask a favor of Tony's followers to make a brief comment below about their experience in having taken the Back to Basics I would really appreciate it.  Its far better for my customers to hear why they they will benefit from it from the words of other stitchers rather than me the shop owner. I thank you all so very much. And I think Tony will too.

Monday, March 4, 2013

March 2nd with Susan Hoekstra

Thank you to everyone who came and spent the day with Susan stitching Dove in the Window.  While the spring colors were more popular for the day everyone had thoughts of other seasons too.  Its a versatile piece and would be lovely as a grouping representing spring, summer, fall and winter.

If given a chance to take a class with Susan Hoekstra I highly recommend it.  Susan goes over the basics through to the more challenging techniques in a thoughtful and informative way.  She paces a class conscious of how to keep it moving along and provides plenty of individual attention.  Little time wasted being lost or wondering just what is expected.  Professional in her manner and the amount of time spent in class preparation is obvious.  Interest was expressed in her Ben's Kites piece which she taught at this past ANG seminar in Philadelphia.  If your interested let me know and we'll see about setting a date!

Susan is the key organizer for New Jersey Needle Festival to be held this April 27th in Pluckemin NJ (where I'm pleased to be invited as a vendor) and the New England Needle Festival this August 17th 2013 in Camden Maine.

We take classes to learn something.  Once we've learned it, we have accomplished what that project is for & it's OK not to finish it.  I just saw this on a recent ANG post by Janet Parry quoting Reverend Father B. I couldn't agree more.  There's so much to be learned when it comes to working with a threaded needle and canvas.  I urge everyone to support their local shops when they offer classes by accomplished and professional teachers.  Don't worry about "what will I do with it", its "not my colors" or "I already have so many unfinished projects".  Come to learn, come to meet others with like interests come to make the most of what you have already invested in your stash at home by learning something new or how to best handle a thread or why one technique is better than another.