Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Things

Until you've seen the Season's by Labors of Love you can't imagine how pretty and captivating they are.  Here is Winter Bloom herself.  Following are other new canvases,  the store has been getting so much new in that its hard to keep track of.  I'll try to get most up for all to see this week and as time permits link to the webstore.  If there's something your interested in please call the shop or email.  Happy to put threads together too if you like.

SOLD Winter Bloom by Labors of Love $250. 9" x 13"

Melissa Shirley cuff $56.

SOLD Labors of Love Limgoges Heart $40. with threads $62.
click on title for more info or to purchase

SOLD William Morris sampler by Beth Russell. Canvas $79.
Note that the letters are not on the canvas but one must follow are chart for placement.  Its a beautiful quote yet is just the opening words to a poem written by William Morris sometime in the 1800's.  Its not a long poem but perhaps too long to post.  Its an optimistic poem about love.  Design area is about 8 x 12 on 18 count.

Claire Lloyd for Dream House Ventures Seahorse

Claire Lloyd for Dream House Ventures Purple Starfish

Being a Jersey Girl I didn't know that purple starfish really do exist.  Apparently they are native to the Northwest region of the US.
Sunflower Rising Dream House Ventures on 13 count


  1. are there more limoges canvases from labors of love? it's precious!!!

  2. Hi, yes there are. Really cute one thats a quiver (I didn't know that's what they are called, its container that cupid puts their darts and generally wears over their shoulder. This one also has has heart inside. Also great lipstick one, I've sold this as an eyeglass case if you do enough background. While this box is about 4" high, the quiver with darts is slightly taller and the lipstick is about 5". I can send you images if you send me your email address or you can view them on the Labors of Love website.


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